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Foggy Forest

We Can Make

A Difference Together

We recognise the impact of our bed & breakfast on the environment and are committed to operating in a way that ensures environmental sustainability. We are undertaking the following actions to strive to responsibly lessen our impact on the environment wherever we sensibly can, by:

  • Recycling paper, cardboard, newspapers, glass, batteries, lightbulbs, cans and cartridges.

  • Operating a ‘switch off’ policy to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use.

  • Reducing our usage of paper by printing double sided.

  • Using low energy light bulbs in public areas.

  • Monitoring our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water.

  • Using electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper.

  • Turning off unnecessary lights and taps.

  • Buying in bulk where we can

  • Using organic produce, seasonal vegetables and local produce.

  • Using refillable pump dispensers for toiletries in bathrooms, thus reducing waste

  • Sourcing sustainable toiletries

  • Continuously reviewing our policy to improve our environmental impact

The Swallows Rest is dedicated to balancing our commitment to sustainability without compromising on the comfort, standards and enjoyment of our guests.

Green Policy for our Guests
We would like to enlist the help of our guests in achieving our aims by asking them to:


  • Turn off lights when leaving the room

  • Turn off the television when leaving the room

  • Turn off taps

  • Limit the use of heating and turn it off when a window or door is open to the outside

  • Leave newspapers out of the bins so they can be collected separately by the housekeeping staff

  • To avoid unnecessary washing, guests are asked to help the environment by re-using towels where possible by hanging them up (or leaving them on the sink). They are advised towelin the bath if


We very much welcome your support in achieving our aims and we appreciate any recommendations you have to further improve our environmental performance.

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